Web trends we love in 2017!

Web trends we love in 2017!

With 2017 flying past at an alarming rate, what web trends have we seen emerge so far, this year? Well, we’re glad you asked!  Here are some of the key design trends and ideas we’re seeing that are driving creativity in 2017.

Bold typography

We’ve already seen typography getting bigger, bolder and more central to design in 2016, so it’s no surprise that 2017 has seen that continue.

Brands using fonts as a central “wow” feature is very much a thing this year, but as with all web trends, it’s about moderation and consideration, not smearing comic cans over your site!

Strong typography used on the Brussels Museums website (www.brusselsmuseums.be)
Stunning typography used to dramatic effect on the Brussels Museums website

Colour, colour, colour

Bold, strong and innovative seems to be the way to go in 2017! With colour being so important in defining the behaviour of potential customers getting the right combination is very important.

That said, recent years have seen a cautious approach to colour, with muted, pastel colours being the weapon of choice; not so this year where the wow is back. Stronger and vibrant are the web trends for colour this year!

We're loving the strong, vibrant colours that 2017 has brought to the web
We love strong, vibrant colour on the web, and trends in 2017 seem to agree with us!

Mobile revolution continues

Now that compatibility is an essential feature for a strong search engine position, or even to be listed in the first place, mobile continues to be a key area of innovation and ingenuity! Though they appeared as a web trend for the last few year, the level of ingenuity and innovation some sites have shown this year is truly breath taking:

Innovative mobile design is still a big head turner in 2017
With responsive websites being a key requirement for SEO, mobile innovation in design is very much key

Conversational interaction

This is as much about how you say it, as it is what you say. The feel of content on webpages is changing with many sites opting for a conversational, friendly tone and approach over the more traditional, authoritative, less friendly tones of old.

By cultivating a more approachable and conversational tone; you can increase the engagement from your users by making your business and brand a more approachable and friendly entity. Just be careful not to make it too relaxed in tone, we’ve seen too many sites that go beyond conversational into “1am on a Saturday after too many beers and a kebab” territory!


A cinemagraph is a static image with subtle movement running on a loop; they’re typically more interesting than an image, but take less time to load than a video. As a design choice, these have massive impact and create both drama and movement on your site. The difference between sites that do this and ones that do this well is very subtle, but for us it’s all about a fast loading, striking image that adds to the site and doesn’t define it.

The web trend for cinemagraphs lets you add unique character to your pages
Subtle and classy, the cinemagraph adds motion to a page without being over whelming

So, there you have it, the top five web trends that The Ninja Collective loves so far in 2017! What about you? Anything that you’re seeing and loving that we’ve missed? Any new ideas that are emerging that are doing it for you too? Let us know!

One of the founding members of The Ninja Collective, Simon is a current creative partner in the team. Specialising in all things to do with writing, blogging and social media, you'll usually find him behind his keyboard. When away from the screen, favourite distractions include reading, listening to music and walking his two dogs, Pepper and Doerak, in the fresh air.

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