Top five tips to start building your new website

Top five tips to start building your new website

Planning on building your new website? Awesome! Unfortunately, deciding you’re going to do it is the easy bit, now you’ve got to get it done. So are there really “Top five tips to start building your new website”? We think so!

We’ve seen a lot of websites over the years, and in that time, there are some key steps, ideas and pointers that separate the successful sites from the… less successful ones.

So, grab a coffee, sit down and we’ll talk you through the top five tips to get you on the road to success!

1. Have an aim in mind

Sure, everyone’s got one these days, but what do you actually want your website to do? Get new customers, make sales, provide a brochure of your products, deliver products to your clients or give prospective clients your phone number?

Understanding what you want your website to do will inform so many choices you make next. From the look to the features, all of this should be guided by what you want to achieve.

Setting a goal is one of our top five tips to start building your new website
Setting a goal is one of our top five tips to start building your new website

2. Think about your target audience

Now we know what we want the site to do, we need to take a look at who we’re looking to attract.

Tailoring your look to your audience is essential to get them to engage with you. For example, you may have a personal taste for neon colours but if you’re trying to promote a range of bathroom aids for the elderly, the look and target audience may not match!

3. Look at your competitors

Unless you are VERY lucky, someone else will be in the same industry as you, probably in the same area.  Reviewing and understanding your competitors is essential to the success of your website.

Taking some time to run through their websites to see what they do right and wrong, can help you avoid making the same mistakes as well as refine your own ideas.

A top tip when planning your new site is take a look at your competitors
A top tip when planning your new site is take a look at your competitors

4. Find out what you like

Take some time to browse the internet and find out what styles, ideas and trends for design are current out there. Use this to get an idea of the colour, style and look of your site.

Aim to find a group of four websites that you really love, they don’t need to be in your industry, but find designs which inspire you.

5. Get it written down

Once you start to get ideas flowing, start a document and get your ideas written down. It doesn’t have to be clear or detailed. Just notes, start pinning down your thoughts and ideas, doing so will help you to solidify them and refine them.

This document will form the basis of a specification for your new website and should be a living document, that you work on, polish and change as your ideas improve.

If you’re not building your site yourself, a specification is also a fantastic starting point to talk to a development and design team with. The more information and ideas that you can give a web developer then the better your site will be!

Starting a new website? Write a plan!
Starting a new website? Write a plan!

So, those are our top five tips to starting work on your website; what do you think? Any big ones that we’ve missed? Let us know on  Twitter or Facebook!

One of the founding members of The Ninja Collective, Simon is a current creative partner in the team. Specialising in all things to do with writing, blogging and social media, you'll usually find him behind his keyboard. When away from the screen, favourite distractions include reading, listening to music and walking his two dogs, Pepper and Doerak, in the fresh air.

4 thoughts on “Top five tips to start building your new website

  1. A really helpful post. My though my website is up and running it’s always been a bit hit and miss so I’m definitely going to take your ideas on board if it’s not too late that is??

    1. Hey Debbie, thanks, glad you found the blog helpful!

      It’s never too late to adjust and refine. A website should be a constant process of review and update as needed.

      We have some other blogs coming out over the next few weeks that may help as well, so we’ll keep you posted when they’re out.

  2. Hi Simon,
    I particularly like your final point. It’s a great idea to write down all the specifications after researching, and give them to your blog designer. Thanks

    1. It’s an important step and will help you greatly going forward, I highly recommend it. glad you found the blog useful. 🙂

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