About Us

About Us

The Ninja Collective is an Anglo-Dutch team, consisting of enthusiastic and motivated digital ninjas.

With over fifteen years of combined experience in the web, digital and copy industries as well as small businesses as a whole, our team has not only the expertise but also the experience to help your business achieve its potential and real-world results.

Our idea is simple, to work with you to make what you want and need; whether that’s a new website, popular blog, breathtaking video or, more directly, an increase in sales.

We don’t do this by selling you a site that you have to build or making a “one-size-doesn’t-really-fit-anyone” package. We complete your project by understanding you, your business, your customers and your objectives THEN working out the best combination of ideas and solutions to make it happen.

Our Core Values

Designed for you

We won’t tell you what you want, we’ll work with you to find out. Sure, we know the internet, social media and websites, but who knows your business better than you? So, we’ll listen and work to get what you really want, not tell you what that should be. After all, this is your business and your project.

Sensible pricing

Buying a website, blog or any aspect of our portfolio shouldn’t make you have to sell relatives, so we aim to define exactly what you want and agree a final price before we start work. No hidden fees. No surprises.


We make getting breath taking content really easy. We do this by leaving the tech speak at home, making our prices simple to understand and delivering results on time.


We love what we do, every bit of it, and that comes through in our projects. Attention to detail, care, consideration and focus all tell you that we know how lucky we are to do this for a living. So, if you want your content to be made with real energy, rather than just becoming job #85 for the day, come talk to us.

Wanna take us for a test drive?

Our clever team of electronic Ninjas can design, build and maintain anything you can think of for your website, blog, social media, video and beyond. Drop us a line and give us a try!