Digital media

Digital Media – unlock the potential from new technology

The internet is just one of the many faces of the digital media revolution which has been changing the way we communicate for over twenty years. In that time, many exciting and interesting technologies have appeared to give you innovative and interesting ways to engage with and communicate directly to your target audience.

But what is Digital Media? Within this broad umbrella term, we include video and audio. So, promotional videos, vlogs, audio branding and podcasts. All of these can be used to increase your user engagement and conversion ratios from your existing audience and to engage new business across platforms, whether it be by social media, your own website or third-party sites such as YouTube or Vimeo.

At Ninja Collective, we can help you in a range of different ways to make the most of these new and emerging technologies, from planning campaigns with you, storyboarding and scripting writing, to voiceover work, production or post-production work. We’re experienced and ready to deliver your project to the highest standard, on time and on budget.

You can see some of our work below:

Business Partnership for Market Readiness (B-PMR), global initiative from International Emissions Trading Association (IETA)

IETA needed our help with editing, titling and, for one of the videos, recording an interesting set of interviews for their Business Partner for Market Reading initiative. This initiative is aiming to bridge the gap between the World Bank and private sector community when it comes carbon trading both in existing and emerging markets.

We really enjoyed tackling this large range of videos, though, with a lot of videos and a deadline we did have our work cut out! With such important subject matter which has such implications for the future, TNC was proud to bring our skills to bear.

How-to videos for Dynasource

We’ve been working with Dynasource for some time, helping them to introduce their clients on the Microsoft Partner Network to the new features of their innovative community. TNC has provided editing, introduction animations, title cards and in video animation for each video. We’ve even completed some voice-over work for certain videos!

If you’d like to discuss your idea or project, just drop us a line and we’ll be more than happy to see how we can help.