So what is a brand and why do you need one? Simply put… everything you can see on this website is the brand of The Ninja Collective, the style, words, images, all of that, THAT is our brand. Who we are. And from that, you’ve made a decision about the type of company this is, what we’re like to work with and decided that you like that enough to make it all the way to this page.
Your brand is the visual identity and personality from which your potential customers will make value judgements about your business and decide if they want to work with you or skip straight on to your next competitor. So it’s pretty important.

The Ninja Collective can help you create a distinct and accurate brand identity that you can use to increase sales, repeat business and much more besides… want to know how? Well for that you’re going to have to make us a coffee and get in some biscuits so we can have a chat!

Oh and don’t worry, if you think this is going to cost the earth, it won’t, take a look at some of our headline prices below or contact us now to get a more tailored figure for your business!


Unique logo designed for you
Image provided in three sizes
Unlimited redesigns

Brand pack

As with the logo and…
Print ready vector file
Font files
List of colours in RGB and CMYK


As with the brand pack and…
Redesigned business cards
Redesigned letterhead
Redesigned comp slips
Redesign of up to 2 other documents