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Hi, welcome to The Ninja Collective! We’re a specialist group of web designers, print specialists and coders here to make your life easy by delivering the three wishes which you never knew you’d made about a company like ours… so what are those three wishes:

Simplicity: We make getting a breath taking website, set of business cards, logo or anything along those lines really easy. We do this by leaving the tech speak at home, making our prices simple to understand and delivering results on time.

Designed for you: We won’t tell you what you want, we’ll work with you to get what you want. Sure, sure we know the internet and websites, but who knows your business better than you? So we’ll listen and work to get what you really want, not tell you what that should be. After all, this is your business and your website.

Sensible pricing: Yes, we mentioned that in wish one, but it’s worth a wish of its own! Buying a website shouldn’t make you have to sell relatives on eBay (other online auction sites are available), so we’ve put our prices right here on our website, so you know, before you even speak to us, EXACTLY what the final amount will be. We’re confident that we offer great value, especially in our package deals, so take a look and drop us a line!

That’s all very nice, but what can you actually get from us? Well, take a look below and you’ll see some of the amazing stuff we do… and if you want something that’s not there? Well, just drop us a line, we bound to be able to help!

Our best bits

If it’s your first time here with The Ninja Collective, where should you start? Well, these are our most popular pages, so they’re probably worth a look. Especially if you want an idea of possible costs, you’ll find all the information and more right here. But if you can’t find what you’re looking for or have something pretty special to chat through (or just have some great gossip) then get in contact and we’ll see what we can do.

Our website, printing & branding packages


Everyone likes a deal, here are ours!

Websites, business cards, logo designs, all in one affordable bundle.

If you need a website, we can make it, from a one page wonder, to a e-commerce solution!


Get on the web, make it pretty, make it work, keep it affordable…
the Ninja way!

Find out how we can help your business get a logo & brand


Just starting out? Want to freshen up a bit?

Logos, literature, shop signs, vehicle livery all the good stuff!

Get your business cards & letterheads designed, printed and delivered to your door!


We all need pretty business cards, letterhead and the like.

Get us to design, print and deliver it to your door. Simple as.

Why you want to work with us

Who doesn’t want a website crafted by a team of crack Ninjas? That doesn’t convince you? Oh, ok. Tough crowd.

Our aim is a simple one, we want to help YOUR business achieve YOUR dreams on the internet. Oh and make some matching business cards for you too. And a logo, we do that as well. We’re quite clever really.

So, if you have a cunning plan to take over the world, we’ll make it happen.

…that said, if you’re lost in a sea of “www”s and forward slashes, we can help you come up with a cunning plan (or at least a slightly sneaky one) then magic it into existence for you.

Our team of skilled Ninjas can bring your ideas to life, from a simple one-page website to a sprawling web shop, we can do it all… just drop us a line and we’ll show you how great we are!

Not convinced? Check out all of the amazing things we SHOULD be doing for your business below!


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